AIR Deserves to Trade for Double GENM

Clean Air Metals (TSXV: AIR) gained by $0.06 or 16.67% yesterday to close at $0.42 per share. AIR hit a high of day of $0.445 per share that exceeded its Friday high of day of $0.43 per share. In between AIR hitting $0.43 per share on Friday and $0.445 per share yesterday it briefly dipped to a low on Friday of $0.33 per share, which was extremely healthy and a best case scenario for its chart.

Never in history has NIA been as extremely confident about the likelihood of an exploration company's drilling campaign to achieve absolutely exceptional intercepts. AIR is targeting with 15-20 drill holes the same exact high-grade deposit that Rio Tinto discovered in 2011-2012 with 6 drill holes and all 6 of Rio Tinto's drill holes achieved exceptional intercepts of above 100 grammeters of palladium equivalent with its average drill hole intercepting over 200 grammeters of palladium equivalent.

NIA considers AIR to be a steal at yesterday's closing price of $0.42 per share because it is still trading below the share price of Generation Mining (CSE: GENM). In NIA's opinion, AIR deserves to be trading for at least double the share price of GENM. Both companies have approximately the same shares outstanding and cash positions, but AIR's palladium grades are 2X higher and AIR's platinum grades are 6.60X higher. GENM only owns 51% of its Marathon project, which means AIR needs to trade for double the share price of GENM just for Thunder Bay North/Escape Lake to be valued equally to GENM's Marathon project.

Keep in mind, the AIR grades we are comparing to GENM are the average grades of AIR's historical indicated resource at Thunder Bay North, which doesn't include any resources from Escape Lake where AIR is drilling right now!

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