Arianne Phosphate vs. Corn

Historically, the share price of Arianne Phosphate (TSXV: DAN) has followed the price of corn. In July 2010 with corn at $3.926 per bushel, DAN fell to its 11-year low of $0.12 per share. Over the following seven months as corn rallied to $7.31 per bushel, DAN exploded by 1,333.33% to a high in February 2011 of $1.72 per share! In September 2011 when corn hit $7.67 per bushel, DAN hit its all-time high of $2.48 per share! All together, DAN gained by 1,966.66% in only 14 months!

Corn since bottoming in August 2020 at $3.07 per bushel has rallied to a current price of $5.50 per bushel! In recent months, corn has made its largest rally since 2010/2011 and DAN is beginning to breakout in a way that very much resembles the start of its 2010/2011 run!

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