Bitcoin CRASH has Begun

We told you Frank Giustra was a genius for timing the debate to take place yesterday. Peter Schiff is losing his mind going crazy in jealousy that he didn't get to represent Gold vs. Bitcoin in the most epic economic/investment debate in history literally 24 hours prior to the beginning of Bitcoin's crash. When Bitcoin hits $12,000 that is when Michael Saylor will be forced to liquidate his company's Bitcoin for a huge loss. Saylor actually tried to brag in the debate about his brilliant strategy of getting his company deeply into debt to buy more Bitcoin last month at $57,146! We wonder if Elon Musk has secretly already sold his Bitcoin for a huge profit and was using Dogecoin as a distraction?! As Giustra pointed out in the debate approximately 25% of capital coming out of Bitcoin will likely be reinvested into gold! It is so refreshing to hear the views of an honest person like Giustra who was willing to admit the truth that gold would be trading significantly higher if not for the Bitcoin asset bubble! The biggest takeaway that people should have from the debate is that Bitcoin is a risk on asset vs gold a risk off asset that will outperform Bitcoin as U.S. price inflation rises and the stock market crashes!