CIDM Up 256% this Morning, NTE is Next

We told you yesterday that Cinedigm Corp. (CIDM) was breaking out as a Genius Brands (GNUS) sympathy play. Well this morning, CIDM is up 256% to a valuation that now exceeds $500 million! GNUS this morning is up another 31% to $10.36 per share and its market cap just surpassed $770 million. GNUS is now trading for 153X revenue and CIDM is trading for over 138X EBITDA.

Network Media Group (TSXV: NTE) is a much higher quality company than CIDM and GNUS yet its enterprise value is only CAD$17 millon! NTE is growing rapidly and extremely profitable. If NTE merely returns to its 3-year median enterprise value/EBITDA ratio, NTE will rise to $1.26 per share!

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