Coal Stocks are Starting to Explode this Morning!

Take a look at U.S. coking coal producer Ramaco Resources (METC) it just hit a new 54-month high this morning!

When the Donkin Coking Coal Mine was last operating in March 2020, Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) was trading for 0.2075X the price of METC.

We believe Kameron Coal is likely to restart operations at Donkin by year-end and MOX will finish 2021 once again trading at a price equal to 0.20X METC or higher!

MOX's largest gains will likely occur over the next 30 days as we learn more about Kameron's plan for Donkin!

China is becoming increasingly desperate for Kameron to restart production at Donkin immediately!

NIA predicts MOX will become the #1 largest gaining coal stock between now and year-end! We will be looking back at this alert on December 31st!

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