CSX has Partnership with EXROF

Back on April 28, 2020, Clean Seed Capital (TSXV: CSX) signed a deal with Exro Technologies (EXROF) to advance electrification of farm equipment. See for yourself: https://www.exro.com/news/exro-signs-deal-with-clean-seed-capital-to-advance-electrification-of-farm-equipment

When the deal was signed on April 28, 2020, EXROF was trading for $0.30 per share. Today, EXROF is trading for $3.35 per share with a market cap of US$478 million.

CSX has remained under the radar but yesterday the company announced that farmers can begin reserving the 2022 SMART Seeder MAX by going to: https://www.smartseedermax.com

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