Elon Musk Confirms he Sold All of Tesla's Bitcoin!

After being the only organization in the world to accurately predict back on April 22nd that Elon Musk had already begun selling Tesla's Bitcoin, NIA sent another alert on May 12th entitled 'Elon Musk Officially Abandons Bitcoin'.

NIA wrote in its May 12th alert:

Musk says that Tesla will not be selling its Bitcoin, but how many Bitcoin does Tesla still have left? We already know Tesla sold 10% of its Bitcoin last quarter and when all of the sheep complained, Musk insisted to them, "I have not sold any of my Bitcoin!" He personally owned only 0.25 BTC! We bet Tesla itself has been aggressively dumping Bitcoin in recent weeks and is already down to owning 1 BTC or less that it will HODL forever!

This evening, a Twitter user @CryptoWhale tweeted, "Bitcoiners are going to slap themselves next quarter when they find out Tesla dumped the rest of their #Bitcoin holdings. With the amount of hate @elonmusk is getting, I wouldn’t blame him."

Elon Musk commented in response to this tweet, "Indeed".

This confirms what NIA suspected, Tesla has already sold its remaining Bitcoin (except for some negligible amount)! We doubt very much that Elon Musk suddenly decided to dump the rest of Tesla's Bitcoin after somehow being offended by the negative backlash to his May 12th tweet about Bitcoin's energy consumption. Musk knew exactly what the response to his tweet would be! We are 99.9% sure he had already finished selling Tesla's Bitcoin prior to his May 12th tweet!

For many weeks when Musk was dumping Bitcoin, he was only publicly tweeting about Dogecoin because if he tweeted about Bitcoin without a disclaimer stating that he was in the process of selling Tesla's Bitcoin position... it would have violated his SEC settlement. When Musk went for many weeks with no mention of Bitcoindespite Tesla having previously purchased $1.5 billion of Bitcoin, it was very obvious to us that Musk was selling. We're surprised nobody else figured it out besides us.

In an attempt to save face in the Crypto community, it is becoming increasingly likely that Musk will take a more active role with Dogecoin. The only Dogecoin play that NIA is very bullish on is Hello Pal (CSE: HP) due to its extremely popular and rapidly growing livestreaming business! HP became cash flow positive in its fiscal 3Q and has seen its gross margins continue to rapidly improve in recent months! HP's fiscal 4Q results due for release at the end of June will show another record revenue quarter with continued strong revenue growth!

If you believe in Musk and his ability to make something big out of Dogecoin, we strongly suggest researching HP immediately! It bottomed at 10:36AMEDT on Friday morning and rallied throughout the rest of the day!

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