Epic Games Valuation Explodes to $29 BILLION!

It was just announced that Epic Games the creator of Fortnite has raised $1 billion in new funding with its valuation rising to $28.7 BILLION for an increase of 66% from its last funding round! To play Fortnite you need to have a high performance gaming laptop or desktop computer. Not many people are aware of this but the Versus Systems (VS) rewards platform has been deployed in all HP OMEN and HP Pavilion high performance gaming laptops and desktop computers in the U.S. and this past August HP expanded its use of the VS rewards platform to China!

HP Inc (HPQ) is a $40 BILLION market cap company and gaming has become one of their top areas of growth! HP allows gamers to play Fortnite: Battle Royale through its OMEN Command Center and win OMEN Rewards powered by the technology of VS! See for yourself by clicking here!

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