E's Working Capital Improved by $9.43M Last Q!

When NIA first suggested Enterprise Group (TSX: E) on September 18th at $0.16 per share as its #1 favorite overall stock suggestion for the remainder of 2020, E had a current ratio of only 0.51, which was very bad. It meant that E had $9.759 million in current liabilities and only $4.975 million in current assets for a working capital deficit of ($4.785 million).

In recent months, E has achieved an incredible balance sheet turnaround and it has done so without any dilution. E's current liabilities have been reduced by 80.25% to $1.927 million. E's current assets have improved by 32.18% to $6.576 million. E has gone from a working capital deficit of ($4.785 million) to today having positive working capital of $4.649 million! This equals a quarter-over-quarter working capital improvement of $9.434 million!

Back on September 30, 2011, E had a working capital deficit of ($1.147 million) and E was trading for $0.345 per share. On June 30, 2013, E had positive working capital of $8.554 million and E was trading for $1.98 per share. During this time period, as E swung from negative to positive working capital with a total working capital improvement of $9.701 million, E's share price gained by 473.913%!

Back then, it took seven quarters for E's working capital to improve by $9.701 million. E's working capital has just improved by $9.434 million in a single quarter! 

E has gone from a record low current ratio of 0.51 to a new two-year high current ratio of 3.413. E has a tangible book value of $0.747 per share, meaning that E has actual real tangible assets minus all liabilities that value E at $0.747 per share (there is almost no goodwill/intangibles on E's balance sheet). With a current ratio of 0.51 you can justify a stock trading at a large discount below tangible book value, but you can't justify the same thing when a stock has a current ratio of 3.413 meaning current assets are 3.413X larger than current liabilities!

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