FF's Epic New Uptrend has Begun!

NIA's suggestion this morning of First Mining Gold (TSX: FF) at $0.38 per share is about to become one of NIA's most impeccably timed stock suggestion announcements in history. FF gained by 13.16% today to close at $0.43 per share on massive volume of 4,437,890 shares or 7.72X above averageFF remained under constant steady accumulation throughout the entire trading day...

In a 6 1/2 hour trading day there are 26 quarter hour periods. Out of today's 26 quarter hours, FF only declined during one quarter hour! FF either gained or was unchanged during 25 of 26 quarter hours!

Today was an epic turning point for FF! Not only did FF officially breakout of its medium-term downtrend by surpassing and closing above its most important key breakout point of $0.41 per share but FF also surpassed and closed above its most important moving average its 200-day moving average!

FF is being added to many new radar screens this evening! FF was today's 12th most actively traded stock on the TSX! FF was also today's 5th largest percentage gainer on the TSX!

Amazingly, FF's OTCQB volume today was even greater than the TSX! FFMGF traded shockingly HUGE volume of 4,898,947 shares making today FFMGF's highest volume day since July 14, 2016 when FFMGF hit its all-time high! Today was day one of FFMGF's epic new uptrend!

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