HELX and XAU Future NFT Leaders

While Helix Applications (TSXV: HELX) has the most advanced patented technology that will allow for interoperable blockchains thereby fueling future growth of NFT technology, GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) has the most advanced storage technology for both the NFT artwork itself and its blockchain private key!

A few days ago we were linked to a 51 minute radio interview that aired live last month from Rochester, NY on WXXI-AM 1370 with Bruce Ha the inventor, entrepreneur, and creator of Totenpass the disruptive new technology being launched later this year that is backed by GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) the 55% owner of the company. During the final minute of the interview Bruce admitted that what motivated him to invent this technology is the fact that he purchased 5 Bitcoin at $1 shortly after it first launched a decade ago but despite being one of the most brilliant scientists in the world he no longer has access to the private key that is necessary to access his Bitcoin because at some point he decided to store it in an off-line "cold wallet" for safe keeping but the company that produced the USB cold wallet hardware that he used to store the private key has since gone out of business and the technology it used has become obsolete making it impossible to decrypt the device.

On Reddit there are huge forums dedicated entirely to people who have lost access to their Bitcoin private keys. If you buy Bitcoin to hold for the long-term no matter how you store your private keys whether it be on a CD, DVD, USB drive, SD card, magnetic tape, etc... they are all subject to bitrot over time where just a single bit lost will corrupt the device making it unreadable with no chance of repair. XAU's Totenpass will become the Crypto industry standard for cold storage that all individual and institutional owners of Bitcoin will use to safely store their private keys in a way that isn't subject to bitrot and won't be damaged in the event of a flood or fire. An even bigger use for XAU's Totenpass technology will be NFTs because besides the Totenpass safely storing your NFT private key it will also allow you to store the digital artwork itself in both analogue and digital form on the same credit card sized solid gold device that XAU will sell at an affordable price of only $50!

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