Las Vegas is World's Hottest Cannabis Market

According to Google Trends, searches in the United States for "cannabis dispensary" have reached a new all-time high this week, with searches up by 58.73% from one year ago. However, if you look at the map on Google Trends, you will see that this rapid growth is almost entirely coming from the Nevada cannabis market. Searches for "cannabis dispensary" in Nevada as a percentage of all Google searches in Nevada, are by far the highest out of all U.S. states. The "cannabis dispensary" search rate in Nevada is currently 78.57% higher than #2 Oklahoma, 117.39% higher than #3 Oregon, 122.22% higher than #4 California, 127.27% higher than #5 Colorado, 156.41% higher than #6 New Mexico, 222.58% higher than #7 Alaska, 257.14% higher than #8 Maine, 300% higher than #9 Massachusetts, and 334.78% higher than #10 Maryland!

There is only one Las Vegas/Nevada focused publicly traded company that has cannabis products for sale in nearly every cannabis dispensary throughout all of Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada! Currently, there are 69 total cannabis dispensaries in Nevada and NIA has confirmed that this company's products are being sold in 60 or 87% of them!

They are generating HUGE revenue and growing very rapidly with extremely bullish catalysts ahead! NIA will be announcing this company very soon! If you have been to any cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas or Reno there is a 90% chance you will immediately recognize at least one of their brands, right away! However, there is less than a 1% chance that you have heard of the publicly traded company that owns these brands and produces/distributes their extremely diversified lineup of products! In NIA's opinion, if this company was named after any one of its most popular Las Vegas cannabis brands, it would currently be trading for at least double, possibly triple, or even quadruple its current share price!

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