Media Falsely Reports that Hero Whistleblower Recanted Claims

USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins is an American hero for stepping up and exposing the voter fraud that took place in PA by postal service supervisors who ordered the backdating of ballots that arrived after November 3rd. Ever since then, crazy liberals have threatened the life of Hopkins, forcing him to setup a GoFundMe to raise funds to leave the state of PA and find a new job. Almost immediately, Hopkins received $135,000 in donations even though he only requested $50,000.

This evening, the Washington Post published a fake news article claiming that Hopkins has recanted his claims. Afterwards, CNN reported the Washington Post's fake story. Hopkins himself quickly responded by posting a video to Twitter making it perfectly clear that he did NOT recant his claims and stands by his statements of the USPS backdating ballots. After posting this video, Twitter removed his account to censor the truth and GoFundMe removed his campaign stealing his money. We now find out that federal agents instead of investigating the voter fraud and backdating of ballots, attempted to coerce Hopkins into recanting his claims, but failed... yet the mainstream media is falsely claiming that he recanted his claims anyway: