MOX will Be Among NIA's Top Gainers in History

NIA is extremely confident that Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) is about to become among NIA's top gainers in history.

Read the article below that was just published a few minutes ago. You will understand exactly why Donkin is the single most important coking coal mine for increasing North America's exports to China. MOX is the #1 way to capitalize on the most severe supply shortage that we have ever seen for any commodity!

Tight supply limits US, Canada coking coal exports

By Brendan Kjellberg-Motton

Supply constraints weighed on US and Canadian coking coal exports in July, trade data show, as producers were unable to take full advantage of strong Chinese demand for non-Australian coal and high seaborne prices.

US coking coal exports in July fell by 9.3pc compared with 2020 and by 20.3pc from a month earlier to 3.08mn t, while Canada's exports rose by 13.5pc from a year earlier but fell by 22.3pc from June to 1.9mn t in July.

US January-July exports totalled 23.07mn t, 4.5pc higher than a year earlier but 18.9pc lower than in 2019, a sign of tighter supply in the country.

Strong demand in China, and to a lesser extent in the Atlantic basin, would have encouraged US producers to raise output where possible, but limited access to funding and a labour shortage along the coking coal supply chain, as well as the continuing strike at producer Warrior Met Coal, meant that output at some major operations fell in the second quarter.

In Canada, a wildfire in British Columbia on 30 June damaged rail lines that serve major producer Teck's coking coal mines, and the company forecast a 500,000-800,000t drop in third quarter sales as a result.

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