NFT Mania has Begun, CWRK Capitalizing on NFT Art Boom!

The New York Times has just published a breaking report one hour ago entitled: 'JPG File Sells for $69 Million, as NFT Mania Gathers Pace'

This breaking news is absolutely HUGE for CurrencyWorks (TSXV: CWRK)! In mid-November, CWRK got selected by Forensic Art Certification Technology Inc. to build its Art Authenticity Blockchain!

Not only has CWRK developed a Digital Collectible Platform for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that CWRK successfully used in partnership with Topps to process a 27 hour sellout of limited edition, blockchain-authenticated digital collectibles for Garbage Pail Kids... but CWRK has already been selected to create a solution that will change the art market by applying forensic and blockchain technology to prevent art forgeries and fakes.

CWRK is not only the leading publicly traded company in the NFT technology space, but CWRK has already begun applying its technology to the art market!

It was announced one hour ago that NFT art sold today for a record breaking $69.3 millionClick here to read the NY Times article!

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