NIA to Announce Robinhood Play

In recent months, millennials have been taking over the stock market by investing with commission-free trades on Robinhood. Hertz (HTZ) may be bankrupt with its stock fundamentally worthless, but that didn't stop Robinhood traders from driving HTZ's share price from $0.40 per share on May 26th to $6.25 per share on June 8th for a nine-day gain of 1,462.50%. These same Robinhood traders drove Genius Brands (GNUS) from $0.31 per share on May 5th to $11.73 per share on June 4th for a one-month gain of 3,683.87%.

Robinhood raised $280 million last month in a Series F round at a valuation of $8.3 billion. Back on April 26, 2017 when Robinhood raised $110 million in a Series C round its valuation was only $1.2 billion. Robinhood's valuation has increased by 591.67% in only three years!

Besides offering commission-free stock market trading, Robinhood also offers commission-free trading in seven Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, NIA is aware of a much better option available than Robinhood. There is a new rapidly growing U.S. based Cryptocurrency brokerage firm that is now offering commission-free trading in 30 different Cryptocurrencies or more than quadruple the number of Cryptocurrencies offered by Robinhood. Best of all, unlike Robinhood... this brokerage firm also allows you to earn interest on your Cryptocurrency assets!

Word has been spreading fast about this new U.S. Cryptocurrency brokerage firm... causing their revenue and total accounts to grow at a triple digit rate last quarter! While Robinhood is still a private entity, the Cryptocurrency brokerage firm that NIA has discovered is already a publicly traded company!

NIA intends to announce this company tomorrow morning as its #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion of 2020 as well as its #1 favorite Robinhood play.