NIA Announces New Cannabis Stock Suggestion

The cannabis company that Coca-Cola is rumored to be investing in is Aurora Cannabis (TSX: ACB), which currently has a market cap of $11.7 BILLION. ACB is now using the technology of an undiscovered small-cap cannabis stock that NIA found out about one week ago and has been researching non-stop since then: Micron Waste (CSE: MWM). It also trades in the U.S. under the symbol: MICWF.

MWM has developed an innovative unique technology called Cannavore, which processes cannabis waste on-site. Cannavore eliminates the need to landfill, haul, or incinerate cannabis waste. Current cannabis waste disposal methods are extremely expensive and inefficient. MWM's Cannavore significantly improves the economics of cannabis waste disposal while streamlining compliance procedures, leading to a substantial reduction in time requirements to deal with waste handling.

ACB has been using MWM's Cannavore system at their Mountain facility near Calgary, which is one of seven Aurora facilities. This morning it was announced that ACB achieved extremely successful results using Cannavore, which means that ACB will soon add the technology to their six other facilities. MWM is now preparing for commercial production of Cannavore and NIA predicts it will become the industry standard that gets used by nearly all major marijuana cultivators.

MWM is well funded with $6.65 million in cash and no debt. MWM is about to become the #1 cannabis play in the entire market!

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