Nvidia Elite Partner OSS Gains by 1.52% to $2.67 Per Share

Nvidia Elite Partner One Stop Systems (OSS) gained by 1.52% today to a new 5-week high of $2.67 per share.

Nvidia (NVDA) declined by 3.54% today to $130.78 per share.

NVDA is the biggest bubble in history trading with an enterprise value of 40X revenue.

OSS is the most undervalued AI stock in the market trading with an enterprise value of 0.80X revenue.

OSS's enterprise value is based on a cash position of $12.86 million, but if OSS collected on all current assets and paid off all current liabilities it would have cash of $34.33 million (its current working capital position).

OSS's revenue in 1Q 2024 of $12.65 million was a low and the company expects to grow revenue sequentially for the remainder of 2024.

OSS management says that they have a huge pipeline of new business that they expect to finalize into new orders in the upcoming months.

On February 13, 2023, OSS received a $1.3 million order from the U.S. Army to develop a brand-new ruggedized compute visualization system using GPU technology. Click here to see for yourself.

On March 27, 2024, OSS received a brand-new U.S. Army order to design and manufacture a video concentrator to be used in this same brand-new ruggedized compute visualization system. Click here to see for yourself.

OSS is now positioned as the lead for the compute and distribution solution for the U.S. Army's 360-degree Visualization System that they intend to use in all ground-vehicles in the future!

The U.S. Army wouldn't expand the scope of their project with OSS unless they like the work the company is doing!

This is exactly what caused NIA to suggest Droneshield (ASX: DRO) two years ago when it had a $67 million market cap. When the U.S. Army expanded its initial projects with DRO it was a sign of things to come over the following 12-24 months! Today, DRO is worth over $1 billion!

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