OSS Developing AI-Enabled Video Concentrator for U.S. Army Land Vehicles

One Stop Systems (OSS) recently received a new purchase order from the U.S. Army to design and manufacture an AI-enabled video concentrator to be incorporated into the rugged 360-degree visualization system that OSS is designing and building for U.S. Army land vehicles, including the Stryker, Bradley and Abrams. This new order expands the scope of their previous U.S. Army contract to design and develop a ruggedized compute visualization system using OSS PCIe Gen 4 switched fabric technology and Nvidia GPUs.

The new video concentrator being developed by OSS for the U.S. Army will disseminate video data throughout the vehicle at up to 6X greater speed and 800X lower latency than traditional Ethernet networking.

The video concentrator will be used initially by the U.S. Army for their 360-degree visualization system but will later be used for a variety of other AI applications including threat detection and friend/foe identification.

OSS is working closely with the U.S. Army to deliver prototypes this year with testing to be completed in 2025.

OSS has achieved their Department of Defense facility clearance allowing for OSS to execute classified work.

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