Palladium Hits $2,527 Up $216!

Palladium just broke $2,500 per oz and hit $2,527 per oz for a gain of $216 from yesterday's settlement price of $2,311 per oz!

21C Metals (CSE: BULL) or DCNNF in the U.S. becomes Canadian Palladium on Monday and we expect BULL to quickly become the biggest palladium play in entire market. BULL has a world-class palladium asset in the best mining jurisdiction and on Monday it will become only the second publicly traded company to have palladium in its name. With palladium futures up by $586 or 30.19% so far in 2020 to $2,527 per oz from its 2019 year-end price of $1,941 per oz, we expect precious metals investors to quickly discover BULL on Monday, which NIA considers to be the #1 way to capitalize on rapidly rising palladium futures.

BULL's President/CEO Wayne Tisdale has had an extremely successful career of discovering underexplored world-class mining assets in strong jurisdictions (usually the U.S. or Canada) and rapidly increasing shareholder value.

Prior to BULL, Wayne's last company that he led was U.S. Cobalt. It started out under the name Scientific Metals and on December 2, 2016 its market cap was only CAD$4.94 million. On March 27, 2017 it caught NIA's attention after its market cap reached CAD$27.1 million. Over the following five weeks after NIA's suggestion, Scientific Metals saw its market cap explode to a short-term peak on May 2, 2017 of CAD$54.41 million. When its market cap reached CAD$54.41 million on May 2, 2017, it was up 100% from NIA's suggestion five weeks earlier and up 1,000% from its market cap five months earlier of CAD$4.94 million!

Three weeks later on May 25, 2017, Scientific Metals changed its name to U.S. Cobalt. The stock began trading as U.S. Cobalt on May 25, 2017 at a price of $0.79 per share. Over the following 72 hours, investors began to rapidly discover the company as a cobalt play! U.S. Cobalt exploded to a May 30, 2017 high of $0.99 per share for a three-day gain of 25.32%! It traded record volume on May 30, 2017 of 2.33 MILLION shares!

One year later on June 1, 2018, U.S. Cobalt was acquired by First Cobalt for CAD$84.25 million!

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