Palladium Hits New All-Time High of $2,544.50!

Exactly two weeks from today, Dr. Rudy Wahl will receive the mining industry's most prestigious award, the Bill Dennis Award, at the world’s largest and most diverse mining convention, the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in Toronto!

Attending the PDAC Awards with Dr. Rudy Wahl will be the CEO of Plato Gold (TSXV: PGC), a company that on January 28th announced that it has acquired control from Dr. Wahl of the 2,126 ha Pic River Palladium Project located directly adjacent and on strike to North America's largest undeveloped palladium resource the Marathon Palladium Project, which is 51% owned by Generation Mining (CSE: GENM) and 49% owned by Sibanye-Stillwater (SBGL).

SBGL gained ownership of the Marathon Palladium Project in 2017 when it acquired NIA's first ever palladium stock suggestion Stillwater Mining for $2.2 billion at a large premium above NIA's suggestion price. On Friday, SBGL exploded by 4.43% to a new 3 1/2 year closing high of $11.32 per share. This morning, SBGL is up another 5.65% to a new 3 1/2 year high of $11.96 per share!

PGC is likely to receive its biggest exposure in history two weeks from today thanks to Dr. Rudy Wahl who besides discovering PGC's Pic River Palladium Project also discovered PGC's Good Hope Niobium Project! After PGC acquired control of the Good Hope Niobium Project from Dr. Wahl in 2017, PGC exploded by 300% to a high of $0.06 per share within months! We see very little resistance for PGC until it is trading significantly higher because the company burns very little cash and its most recent private placement took place at $0.10 per share or 150% above last week's closing price of $0.04 per share! Palladium just hit a new all-time high this morning of $2,544.50 per oz and PGC has so far only increased in price by $0.01 since January 28th, which means PGC's Pic River Palladium Project is only receiving CAD$2.04 million or USD$1.53 million in value!

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