PURE: Potential 10-Bagger Cannabis Play

One of the largest gaining cannabis stocks of 2018 has been Terrascend Corp (TRSSF), which now trades with a market cap of $406 million when its new Solace Health facility has 18,000 square feet of cannabis cultivation space. Last month, a new Canadian cannabis company very similar to TRSSF went public on the TSX Venture Exchange called Pure Global Cannabis (TSXV: PURE).

PURE's wholly owned subsidiary PureSinse Inc. is a pharmaceutical-grade Licensed Producer of cannabis dedicated to developing new and innovative brands and products for discerning consumers around the world.

PURE is currently building a state-of-the-art, cannabis production facility in the heart of an industrial district in Brampton, Ontario, strategically located only 10 minutes from the Toronto International Airport and 35 minutes to the downtown core. When it opens in 4Q 2018, it will have 18,000 square feet of cultivation space just like TRSSF and will be capable of producing 4,000 kg/yr of premium-quality cannabis products.

With only 147.8 million shares outstanding, PURE's current market cap at $0.30 per share is only CAD$44.34 million (USD$33.85 million). In our opinion, PURE will soon rise to a valuation very similar to TRSSF.

PURE's patent-pending, one-of-a-kind multi-ponic system combines the best-practices of hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics, with world-class commercial agriculture methodologies and creates a soil-less, pesticide-free environment that is capable of growing more plants in less time. This innovative model allows for better distribution and absorption of all nutrients, while reducing inefficiencies common in traditional operations.

By maximizing the utility of square footage, PURE will initially have production capacity of 4,000 kg/yr or double TRSSF's current production capacity of 2,000 kg/yr. In 1Q 2019, PURE's cannabis production facility will expand to 41,000 sqft with production capacity of 8,000 kg/yr!

NIA will be covering PURE for the next six months! Later this year, NIA's President Gerard Adams will be visiting PURE's new cannabis production facility for the grand opening and publishing a video about it. We expect PURE to become the #1 best performing marijuana stock for between now and year-end! PURE is only six months behind TRSSF in progress, but TRSSF is trading with a 12X higher valuation! PURE could rapidly catch up to TRSSF's $406 million market cap during the months to come!

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