Raoul Pal Still Loves ARKK After $4 Billion in Losses

After suggesting for RealVision subscribers to go all in on ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) at its peak and declaring the Inverse ARKK ETF SARK a bad investment that would lead to 95% losses (a month before SARK even went public), RealVision Founder Raoul Pal has made it 100% clear that he still loves ARKK today.

Late this evening, Twitter user Sunil Beri @sunchartist tweeted, "Bargaining stages of grief" while linking to a MarketWatch article, 'ARK investors have lost $4 billion' and quoting Cathie Wood"We believe we’re going to see the turn sooner rather than later."

Raoul Pal replied to Sunil Beri, "What do you not like about their investment strategy?"

We're not making this up. This is too hilarious to be happening.

Serious question: Is Cathie Wood secretly paying Raoul Pal to shill for her or is he seriously this stupid? Click here to see for yourself!