XAU will go to the Moon!

GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) or XAUMF will go to the moon in more ways than one (both the stock and literally). XAU's Totenpass Inc has been selected by Galaxy Legacy Labs located at https://gll.space to be their exclusive technology partner for storing data on the moon! XAU's Totenpass Inc will not only be paid an annual license fee by Galaxy but XAU's Totenpass Inc will earn an 18% stake in Galaxy in addition to XAU investing into Galaxy to acquire an initial 2.5% stake in the company. Galaxy is allowing the public to purchase a custom designed Lunagram to be part of the indestructible time capsule being sent to the moon by a Space-X rocket. You can purchase a Lunagram by going to: https://lunaprise.com

XAU also announced today that after three years of research and development, Totenpass is preparing to launch its disruptive technology in beta in July 2021. While the main activity of Totenpass will be consumer facing, an Enterprise division was established in Q1 2021 to address the backup and archival storage needs of private corporations and governmental organizations. The material science advancements achieved by the Totenpass team not only make this technology the best way to store digital information physically, but also make this technology the perfect medium for sending information to space. This is because gold’s elemental properties resist both radiation and the harsh conditions inherent to space exploration.

Click here to watch a YouTube video featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy about the golden record that NASA sent into space aboard Voyager!

Space-X has improved NASA's Voyager technology by developing a much more advanced and cost effective Falcon 9 rocket, while XAU has improved NASA's golden record technology by developing a much more advanced and cost effective solid gold storage drive that it will be unveiling to the public next month! Think about the massive media attention XAU is about to receive!

NIA's President Gerard Adams did not sell a single share of XAU during its February rally to $4.40 per share because he is confident that XAU will hit much higher new 52-week highs very soon!

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