ZDGE and DAKT Will Outperform 99%+ of All U.S. Listed Stocks

It was perfectly healthy for NIA's Daktronics (DAKT) to dip by 3.69% this past week after seven straight up weeks. We made it very clear last weekend that after seven straight up weeks, DAKT was no longer the #1 most undervalued U.S. listed stock. Zedge (ZDGE) is the new #1 most undervalued U.S. listed stock. ZDGE gained by 15.43% this past week and could be ready to gain for seven straight weeks like DAKT did.

If DAKT reports a large year-over-year profit margin improvement on Wednesday morning, DAKT will breakout deep into double digits very quickly. ZDGE and DAKT are the two biggest sure thing winners listed on the NYSE, NYSE American, or NASDAQ. They won't gain as much as the highest quality gold exploration stocks that are listed on Canadian exchanges, which will become very rapid 10-20 baggers, but ZDGE and DAKT will certainly outperform 99%+ of all U.S. listed stocks. These are market leading companies trading at insanely low valuation multiples that won't last for long and will never be seen again.

Although Wikipedia isn't a credible source of information, we have good reason to believe that their list of the world's largest videoboards is mostly accurate: click here to read it.

DAKT is the clear global leader in videoboard infrastructure projects. This list isn't yet updated for DAKT's brand new record-breaking NFL installation at Gillette Stadium this summer. This list isn't yet updated to include DAKT's massive new Lambeau Field installation this summer. This list isn't yet updated for DAKT's brand new upgraded much larger installation at Target Field this spring (one of the largest in MLB). This list doesn't include DAKT's upcoming record-breaking NBA installation at the Intuit Dome opening in 2024.

For ZDGE, all you need to do is Google or Bing 'ringtones' to see who the global market leader of ringtones/wallpapers is. You can also highlight and copy/paste literally any emoji for a search on Google or Bing to see how ZDGE's 100% owned Emojipedia is the global market leader of the rapidly growing emoji space. ZDGE's GuruShots is the global market leading photography game on both the iPhone and Android devices.

ZDGE is getting ready to launch the world's first Generative AI art battle game: AI Art Master. With students getting ready to return to school, everybody is going to be sitting in class battling their friends all day at AI Art Master. If AI Art Master becomes the viral mainstream success that we expect it to be, ZDGE easily rises to $10-$20 per share.

ZDGE's fundamentals are so strong that even in the extremely unlikely event that the game flops and ZDGE lays off the 40 additional employees from their acquisition of GuruShots that were hired specifically to create AI Art Master, ZDGE goes to $5 per share anyway due to the cost reductions and massive increase in positive cash flow... so it is a win/win situation for ZDGE.

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