The Future of Blockchain - Read Immediately!

Read this alert in full immediately because it is one of our most important alerts of 2018 with two extremely important announcements inside.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of nervousness in the Cryptocurrency market due to major problems with Tether (USDT), the stablecoin that NIA's President made a documentary about earlier this year predicting that it would collapse. Although USDT is supposed to maintain a peg with the USD, it declined one week ago to a low of $0.85 and has been consistently trading below $1 for over a month.

Cryptocurrencies has been boring to most investors in recent months, with the main investment boom being a rush to create the best new stablecoin to replace USDT when it ultimately crashes to zero. However, one Cryptocurrency has been breaking out big in recent days while the rest of the market is flat: Ravencoin (RVN), which just hit a new all-time high today of $0.057. Even though Ravencoin has already tripled in recent days, it still has an extremely low market cap at $0.057 of $117 million.

Ravencoin is the 58th largest Cryptocurrency today, but in our opinion, it is better than most of the Cryptocurrencies currently ranked in the top 10 with multi-billion dollar market caps. We predict Ravencoin will become a top 10 coin within 12 months. Ravencoin is developing technology that could make real assets like stocks tradable over the blockchain. Ravencoin didn't have a pre-mine or ICO like the thousands of scams out there. This is a legitimate open source project.

Since we began investing into Cryptocurrencies in 2016, Ravencoin is only the 5th Cryptocurrency that we have ever been bullish on... with our only previous Cryptocurrency suggestions being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash.

In the years ahead, blockchain technology is likely to revolutionize two industries the most: 1) the financial industry by making stocks and other assets tradable over the blockchain thereby eliminating the DTC and transfer agents like Ravencoin is doing, 2) the logistics industry by creating a single point of truth and validating data without central management through an ultra-efficient logistics chain.

In recent months, the #1 company investing big to create blockchain based logistics technology is Samsung. Over the weekend it was announced that Europe's largest port has partnered with Samsung SDS (Samsung's IT and tech division) and the largest Dutch bank ABN AMRO. In January 2019, they will be conducting a major blockchain pilot to demonstrate how blockchain technology could revolutionize the logistics sector: click here to read about this HUGE breaking development!

NIA has very good reason to believe that a tiny $10 million market cap company could be involved in this MAJOR project! Back in July, a private company called Graph Blockchain announced that it is developing a prototype blockchain solution for Samsung. Click here to see for yourself. Graph Blockchain is a joint venture between Bitnine and Datametrex (TSXV: DM). Currently, DM is trading for only $0.05 per share with an extremely low market cap of $10 million!

Although DM wasn't allowed to say what specific blockchain solution Graph Blockchain is developing for Samsung, a month after Graph Blockchain signed their Samsung deal - DM issued a press release about how Graph is targeting the $15.5 trillion logistics sector: click here to see for yourself! As further evidence that DM's Graph Blockchain could be developing Samsung's blockchain logistics technology that is set to have a major pilot in January 2019, Graph Blockchain recently signed a deal with the Korean Trade Organization to develop and implement a blockchain-based electronic trade services platform. Click here to see for yourself!

In the upcoming days, we will be discussing a lot more about Samsung and how DM is also developing blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies for Canada's booming cannabis industry!

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