About NIA

The National Inflation Association (NIA) was launched in October 2008 by Gerard Adams during the global financial crisis and has built an online following of over 250,000 members who are seeking the truth about the U.S. and global economy, central banks, monetary/price inflation, and the world’s stock, bond, FX, commodity, precious metals and cryptocurrency markets. NIA issues daily updates in the form of email alerts to its newsletter list as well as blog postings on Inflation.us, providing its members with priceless economic data from NIA’s research, exclusive charts, news updates, economic forecasts, investment opinions, and stock/option suggestions. NIA is proud to have built one of the most well-educated followings in the world – who trust NIA to report the truth that gets ignored by the mainstream media.

Gerard Adams began investing into the stock market at 18 years old and in 2003 he dropped out of college during the very first semester to create his own message board community for stocks where posters had the ability to rate each other like on eBay to determine who had credibility and was worth listening to and learning from. Gerard became a self-made multi-millionaire in the stock market by his mid-20s.

In early-2012, Gerard and two of his interns co-founded an online media web site targeting millennials called Elite Daily. By August 2014, Elite Daily became the Internet's 7th most popular online media portal with 21,149,000 unique visitors per month.

Among millennials, Elite Daily became the 5th most popular online media portal with 15,079,000 unique millennial visitors per month. Elite Daily's millennial traffic share reached 71.3% the #1 highest in the world!

In 2015, Gerard sold Elite Daily to the Daily Mail for $50 million.