All of NIA's Warnings About Celsius Network

On December 5, 2021, NIA explained to its members, "Considering that all Celsius account holders are unsecured creditors of Celsius and there are no segregated accounts, client assets are comingled with corporate assets. Investors who deposit Crypto onto Celsius are giving away their assets to a madman who recklessly speculates on Bitfinex by investing into newly created altcoins. There is no such thing as a magical Defi Trading Bot that creates risk free yield for investors. Desperate to stop withdrawals from their ponzi scheme, Celsius this morning has jacked up the yields they offer on Bitcoin. If you know anybody who has invested with Celsius, you should tell them to remove their money immediately before it is too late!"
On December 14, 2021, NIA suggested selling Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG) short at $15.41 per share saying, "Consider selling VOYG short. It looks like they have loaned $382.69 million of client funds to Celsius Network, which is a likely ponzi scheme. Celsius Network promises 8-15% in yield to people who stake their Crypto with them, but nobody ever asks how this yield is earned. Celsius has hundreds of employees that they pay while also spending big on marketing campaigns and referral programs. They rely on continuously raising venture capital funding and/or receiving bailouts from Tether to keep their ponzi scheme afloat. The yields that they offer cause Crypto investors to keep their funds within the Crypto ecosystem, which helps prevent the Tether peg to the USD from breaking. Investors who are rightly skeptical about depositing Crypto onto Celsius Network, consider crypto-asset brokers like VOYG to be a risk-free alternative to earn similar amounts of yield, not knowing that VOYG is relying on Celsius Network to generate its yield."
On December 15, 2021, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'Celsius Could Take Down Entire Crypto Ecosystem'.
On December 16, 2021, NIA said in an alert to its members, "When you see your family/friends this holiday season BE SURE to tell them to SELL all Crypto assets before Celsius goes bust. When it defaults there WILL be contagion that results in the destruction of many Crypto firms including Tether and Crypto brokers that are secretly operating on a fractional reserve basis."
On December 26, 2021, NIA sent out an alert explaining, "GBTC's discount of 15.13% below Net Asset Value is the clearest sign yet that institutional demand for Bitcoin is no longer there. GBTC's discount 100% proves that Bitcoin's price is being artificially propped up by DeFi High Yield Ponzi Schemes like Celsius combined with Tether (USDT) printing. Until this discount goes away, there is zero chance of Bitcoin making a meaningful and sustainable rally."
On January 6, 2022, NIA sent out an alert saying, "Raoul Pal's Real Vision which at one point provided informative economic content from respectable people... recently went off the deep end into Crypto and began shilling $%*tcoins to its subscribers while promoting the Celsius ponzi scheme. After urging his followers to go all in on Crypto altcoins at a peak, Raoul Pal is now doubling down on Crypto by saying it will be worth $250 trillion by 2030 or 100X current levels. A few months from now, Raoul Pal will be desperately trying to save Real Vision, but by then it will be too late. His credibility will already be destroyed unless he begins to talk honestly with people today about Tether and their printing of $78 billion worth of unbacked USDT tokens which were used to wash trade Cryptocurrencies up to artificially high unsustainable prices."