Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria is #1 Global Threat

NIA's #1 Coronavirus stock suggestion Kane Biotech (TSXV: KNE) recently reported HUGE 3Q 2019 revenue growth of 127% to $286,838 up from $126,559 in 3Q 2018. Over the last nine months, KNE's revenue has grown by a stunning 240% to $1,129,385 up from $332,031 in the year-ago period!

KNE's 3Q 2019 gross margin improved to 27.55% compared to 4.61% in 3Q 2018! KNE's gross margin last quarter was 6X larger than one year ago!

The biggest crisis facing China today in their fight against the Coronavirus is the fact that the virus is antibiotic resistant. Last year, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) said that, "Deaths caused by infections from antibiotic resistant bacteria will skyrocket over the next two decades, along with huge economic costs." See for yourself by clicking here

NIA expects KNE's 4Q 2019 results to be extremely strong because the company fulfilled its first HUGE order from its brand new Chinese distribution partner! The order was for KNE's bluestem™ the only pet oral care line of products that contain coactiv+ technology - scientifically developed to break down biofilm where harmful bacteria multiply. bluestem has been proven to help reduce tartar without brushing by up to 25.4%. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will suffer from dental problems by the age of 3. bluestem oral care products contain 100% food-grade ingredients that are approved by Health Canada’s VHP program, as well as follow AAFCO guidelines. bluestem’s food-grade ingredients are alcohol-free, xylitol-free, chlorhexidine-free, and sugar-free.

Last month, an unnamed Canadian government agency decided to award $3.4 MILLION to KNE for the continuing clinical development of KNE's DispersinB® to treat biofilm mediated antimicrobial resistance in non-healing chronic wounds! So far, very few people in the investment community are aware of this HUGE development, but we expect KNE to receive major global media attention when the deal with this major Canadian government agency is finalized - sometime this quarter!

Currently, at least 700,000 people die each year due to drug-resistant diseasesMore and more common diseases, including respiratory and urinary tract infections, as well as sexually transmitted infections, are becoming untreatable!

KNE has developed technology that prevents and removes the microbial biofilms that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics, antimicrobials, and disinfectants! KNE has a portfolio of biotechnologies, intellectual property (56 patents and patents pending, trade secrets and trademarks) and products developed by KNE's own biofilm research expertise and acquired from leading research institutions!

In the upcoming days, we believe KNE will become the #1 hottest Coronavirus play in the entire market!

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