AOT Strikes HUGE Silver Grades of 880 g/t and 787 g/t!

A few weeks ago, we told you about how Ascot Resources (TSX: AOT) found two surface samples at its Silver Hill prospect located 9 km north of the Premier Mill that returned some of the highest silver grades we have ever seen in history! These results were so stunning that AOT immediately drilled four diamond drill holes totaling 816m along the vein system where these grab samples were recovered. AOT traced this vein system at surface along a strike of more than 200 metres and a width of more than 20 metres!

For weeks, we have been patiently awaiting the Silver Hill assay results, but have purposely kept our expectations very low. AOT this morning has just announced the assay results for these four exploration drill holes and the results surpassed our highest imaginable expectations!

AOT's drill hole P19-2170 intercepted 787 g/t silver over 1m only 16.2m below the surface! This same drill hole intercepted 880 g/t silver over 1m only 22.8m below the surface! This same drill hole also intercepted 85 g/t silver over 1m at 117.4m below the surface! In addition, this same drill hole intercepted 113 g/t silver over 1m at 136.4m below the surface! Finally, this same drill hole intercepted 76 g/t silver over 1m at 145.7m below the surface!

AOT's drill hole P19-2163 intercepted 220 g/t silver over 0.85m at 120.05m below the surface and 100 g/t silver over 1m at 126.9m below the surface!

AOT's drill hole P19-2169 intercepted 87 g/t silver over 1m only 11.6m below the surface!

To understand the significance of discovering near-surface grades of 787-880 g/t silver...

Back on January 12, 2015, NIA announced Excellon Resources (TSX: EXN) at $0.67 per share as its #1 favorite silver stock suggestion because it was producing average silver grades of 550 g/t, which at the time were the world's highest silver grades producedEXN initially rallied 41.79% to $0.95 per share in only 7 trading days! On August 11, 2016, EXN hit a high of $2.40 per share for a 20-month gain of 258.2%!

In recent years, the silver grades produced by EXN and nearly all silver miners have been steadily declining. If AOT successfully defines a near-surface silver resource at Silver Hill averaging between 787-880 g/t it will set AOT apart in a league of its own at the very top of the silver mining industry!

These were the very first drill results confirming the presence of extremely high grade silver veins at Silver Hill! In the upcoming weeks, we expect word to spread about Silver Hill very quickly and we believe Silver Hill's now confirmed potential to become a major Eskay Creek type of deposit in 2020 could quickly add CAD$50 million+ to AOT's market cap, on TOP of the valuation increase we expect AOT to see from its 3 separate resource updates (for Premier/Northern Lights, Big Missouri, and Silver Coin) set for release beginning next week. Historically, the final week of December has almost always been the #1 best performing week of the year for TSX, TSX Venture, and CSE mining companies!

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