Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Most Undervalued Crypto Token

Everybody is always asking us about what Crypto token we like the best. At this moment, we believe Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deserves to be your #1 largest Crypto holding. As Bitcoin (BTC)'s transaction fees soar to unaffordable levels, people who actually use Crypto tokens to transact for online purchases are rapidly switching to BCH. Yesterday, BCH processed over 414,000 transactions a 2021 high vs. BTC processing less than 230,000 transactions a 2021 low!

BCH has a current market cap at $530 of $9.9 billion or less than 1% of BTC's market cap of $1.063 trillion! NIA predicts that BCH will soon see its market cap surpass Litecoin (LTC) and explode to a level of 2%-3% of BTC's market cap!

Although LTC's daily transactions have also been rising due to BTC's expensive fees, LTC is only processing 106,000 transactions per day and has a current market cap at $196 of $13.05 billion! NIA believes that BCH will soon have a market cap of at least double the market cap of LTC!

After the two highest market cap Crypto tokens BTC and Ethereum (ETH)... BCH and LTC have the strongest infrastructure in the Crypto space being that they are listed on almost every Crypto exchange, can be purchased from most Crypto ATMs, can be stored in most Crypto wallets, and are the most widely accepted by e-commerce web sites! However, BCH has two major advantages over LTC... 1) The Bitcoin brand. 2) Its low inflation rate equal with BTC.

BCH and BTC are both only rewarding 900 new tokens per day vs. LTC rewarding 7,200 new tokens per day! BCH and BTC have an annualized inflation rate of only 1.76% or less than half of LTC's annualized inflation rate of 3.94%.

BCH is fundamentally the most undervalued Crypto token with the most upside potential!

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