Bitcoin Cash Up 8.92X More than Bitcoin!

The stock market was closed on Friday, but the Crypto market is never closed and NIA sent out an alert on Friday saying, "BTC has a ton of resistance at $60,000-$62,000. Institutions are desperate to dump their BTC tokens on any move above $60,000. BCH is an undervalued asset that will only pick up momentum after it breaks through $600! Smart money is about to sell BTC and buy BCH!"

Exactly one week earlier, NIA sent out what it called its most important update of 2021 saying, "The Bitcoin Cash (BCH)/Bitcoin (BTC) price ratio bottomed on Wednesday at an all-time low of 0.0085 and has since bounced strongly to 0.0093. If BTC makes another rally to $60,000+ we look for BCH to simultaneously explode to $1,000+ and even if BTC pulls back to $45,000 we expect BCH to simultaneously rise to $600-$800!"

NIA's Crypto predictions are once again coming true! Investors are beginning to dump Bitcoin (BTC) and buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)! While BTC is up by 1.2% today to $59,275.91, BCH is up by 10.7% today to $622.50! BCH is up 8.92X more than BTC!

The BCH/BTC price ratio has just hit 0.0105 up big since NIA called the bottom of 0.0085! We believe the BCH/BTC price ratio will rise to 0.02+ very rapidly!

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