CSX's SMART Seeder Technology

NIA's #1 favorite overall mid-year 2021 stock suggestion Clean Seed Capital (TSXV: CSX) has developed the world's only true variable rate smart seeding technology. The SMART Seeder™ Technology with its unique Cushion Drive Digital Metering System™, applies precise rates for up to five different products, independently at each opener over the span of the entire drill. Placement and volume accuracy of nutrients and seeds is key to the quality of all crops and overall yield results.

CSX's SMART Seeder™ technologies are revolutionary seeding tools that utilize the unique synergy of sophisticated electronic metering and intuitive software control putting row-by-row variable rate technology at the forefront of agricultural innovation. CSX's innovations create a new class of highly accurate seeding equipment designed specifically for today’s farmer.

This spring, CSX has been hosting demonstration events with key early adopter targets and prospective distributers. CSX has also been conducting in-depth virtual sessions for the agricultural community to highlight the specifications, capabilities, and agronomic benefits of the SMART Seeder MAX. Each farm has been operating the SMART Seeder MAX alongside their current air seeders providing each operator a direct comparison.

CSX's SMART Seeder MAX™ technology will support global food production by facilitating big data and artificial intelligence into full cycle farming operations with a clear return on investment for the farmer. Until SMART Seeder™, high resolution delivery of seeding and planting prescriptions have been held back by the limitations of current air seeder equipment.

CSX is at the forefront of the digital age of agriculture, focusing their award-winning innovations in true variable rate seeding, planting technologies and powerful software advancements to facilitate progress for the modern farmer. CSX's SMART Seeder™ technology parallels the rise of agriculture’s digital age. It’s the only seeding and planting platform offering finite VR control of up to 5 independent products as well as 6 in ground placement options per row, totaling 60 independent rows of highly advanced digital metering systems and seed singulation, providing high resolution prescription input accuracy like no other platform.

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