Don't Forget SKAS

The US Global Jets (JETS) ETF is currently back up to a price that it last traded at on February 27th.

Saker Aviation (SKAS) operates the Downtown Manhattan Heliport and back on February 27th it was trading for $5.07 per share. Currently, SKAS is only $2.75 per share when it has only 1.029 million shares outstanding! SKAS is sitting on $2.369 million in cash with no debt and has $3.513 million in working capital with a book value of $4.643 per share! In 2019 before the pandemic, SKAS generated annual revenue of $11.57 million with annual free cash flow of $0.949 million!

In the very near future the Manhattan helicopter company Blade will be going public in a reverse merger into Experience Investment Corp. (EXPC). Blade will be valued at approximately $1.457 billion!

SKAS is practically a sure thing to return to $5-$10 per share! We do not own a position in SKAS!

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