DroneShield Closes at $0.23 Looks Very Strong

NIA's DroneShield (ASX: DRO) closed last night at $0.23 per share on the Australian Stock Exchange for a gain of 15% since NIA's initial suggestion earlier this month at $0.20 per share. DRO had previously hit a high of $0.23 per share on April 6th, but this is DRO's first time closing at $0.23 per share since NIA's suggestion. We are 100% confident that DRO is going to be a massive winner for us, but please be sure to setup ASX trading because the U.S. OTC symbol has no liquidity. DRO appears ready to make a massive breakout. Remember, the Australian Stock Exchange is open when most people in the U.S. and Canada are sleeping so it's a little bit difficult to invest, but if this company does decide to list on the NYSE or NASDAQ it will instantly be worth 3-5X more.

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