Elon Musk Switching to Phosphate EV Batteries

An article was just published in Sunday's Wall Street Journal entitled, 'Elon Musk Likes This EV Battery and It Costs Less—but the U.S. Isn’t Sold on It'. Click here to read this article.

It talks about how Elon Musk is beginning to use lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) aka Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries in China. Tesla (TSLA) is now using LFP batteries in its medium-range Model 3 electric vehicles being produced from its factory in Shanghai, China!

Remember what recently happened to North American based Green Nickel exploration stocks after Elon Musk began using EV batteries containing nickel as a way of using less cobalt?! Canada Nickel (TSXV: CNC) and Talon Metals (TSX: TLO) both made gains of over 1,000%Arianne Phosphate (TSXV: DAN) is the only publicly traded Green Phosphate exploration stock!

DAN owns 100% of Lac à Paul the largest undeveloped Green Phosphate Project located within a low risk mining jurisdiction! Approximately 90% of the world's phosphate production comes from sedimentary phosphate mines which are toxic for the environment because they contain cadmium, arsenic, uranium and other highly toxic metals. Based on everything we know about Elon Musk, he will seek to secure supplies of phosphate rock from Green Igneous Phosphate Deposits. Although Green Igneous Phosphate Rock sells for a large premium above sedimentary phosphate rock, this premium is a small price to pay for keeping the environment safe!

Elon Musk is seeking to improve Tesla's new LFP battery technology so that it operates better in colder weather near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they achieve this they will expand their usage of LFP batteries to Model 3s sold in North America! To prepare for this, it would be smart for Tesla to begin sourcing North American supplies of Green Igneous Phosphate Rock!

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