Florida at Risk of Radioactive Tsunami

Arianne Phosphate (TSXV: DAN) is being strongly accumulated and we have good reason to believe that DAN is about to become one of the hottest plays in the entire market... 

A catastrophic event is occurring near Tampa Bay, Florida and DAN is literally the only way to capitalize! The Piney Point phosphate plant's phosphogypsum stack containing 480 million gallons of radioactive water has been failing putting over 300 homes at risk of being hit by a 20 foot high radioactive tsunami that would rival Japan's 2011 Fukushima disaster. The Fukushima disaster was caused by an earthquake/tsunami that led to a nuclear meltdown, but all 15,000 deaths were caused by the tsunami wave and had nothing todo with radiation exposure!

In Florida, the reservoir atop the phosphogypsum stack located 40 miles south of Tampa, Florida, contains many of the world's most toxic/deadly heavy metals including cadmium, uranium, arsenic, and lead. Officials are working 24/7 to prevent the collapse/tsunami by pumping 30 million gallons per day of the radioactive water... into the Gulf of Mexico! Even in a best case scenario... all of our fish will die and thousands of Florida tourists eager to take a swim after being locked down in their homes over a phony/fake virus... will suddenly become exposed to hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive/toxic waste in the ocean!

DAN is the only publicly traded Green Phosphate play and owns 100% of Lac à Paul the largest Green Phosphate Project in North America!

Elon Musk is beginning to use lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) aka Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Already, Tesla (TSLA) has begun using LFP batteries in its medium-range Model 3 electric vehicles being produced from its Gigafactory in Shanghai, China! Elon Musk recently tweeted that TSLA is looking to expand LFP battery usage to North America and is currently working to improve their phosphate battery technology so that it operates efficiently in temperatures below 0°F!

Currently, 100% of all phosphate rock produced in North America and 90% of all phosphate rock produced worldwide come from sedimentary deposits containing toxic/deadly heavy metals! Elon Musk would NEVER source his phosphate rock from these type of deposits... especially after the Florida disaster! DAN will likely be Musk's only choice to source a large enough supply of Green Phosphate Rock within North America!

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