GoldMoney is Due for a HUGE Bounce!

GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) is due for a huge bounce from its current price of $2.96 per share.

XAU is perhaps the market's #1 most mispriced stock due to the following facts:

1) People mistakenly believe XAU has negative operating cash flow/free cash flow because of the fact that XAU is building a huge corporate owned precious metals position. Including the gold/silver that XAU has been purchasing each quarter its cash flow is extremely positive.

2) XAU's enterprise value is much lower than what every financial portal reports due to the fact that XAU's corporate owned gold/silver is NOT a part of its cash position/short-term investments but is considered an "inventory" which the financial portals don't subtract from XAU's market cap.

3) Most computer algorithms that hedge funds use to invest view XAU's rapidly rising inventories as a negative sign/red flag because for most companies it would mean their product isn't selling through and write-downs could be coming in the future, but for XAU their inventories are actual corporate owned gold/silver NOT a product that the company is trying to sell.

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