Great Video About Frank Giustra

On January 12th, NIA suggested EarthLabs (TSXV: SPOT) at $0.20 per share which has Eric Sprott as its largest shareholder. SPOT closed this week at $0.29 per share and is already up by 45% from NIA's suggestion price. At SPOT's current share price it is receiving zero value for its 21 NSR gold royalties and ownership of

A few months ago, SPOT's published an amazing video about Frank Giustra the co-founder of Aris Mining (TSX: ARIS) and previously the co-founder of countless huge winners of ours including Fiore Gold, Lithium-X, Hive Blockchain, etc.

We strongly believe that Frank Giustra's ARIS will become the #1 largest gaining gold producer as Richard Warke's Augusta Gold (TSX: G) becomes the #1 largest gaining gold explorer.

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