GRIL Opening 5 Cloud Kitchens in April!

NIA predicts that Cloud Kitchens will become the biggest boom industry of 2020 and in NIA's opinion the #1 best positioned company set to capitalize most on the Cloud Kitchen boom is: Muscle Maker (GRIL).

In 2011, NIA's President Gerard Adams was in the green room at the FOX Business Network getting ready to be interviewed live on the air about rapidly rising U.S. food inflation. Sitting across from him was Rodney Silva the founder of Muscle Maker Grill. Gerard didn't immediately recognize Rodney but after Rodney introduced himself as the founder of Muscle Maker Grill, the two of them hit it off immediately... being that Gerard had already been a loyal customer of his local Muscle Maker Grill on a daily basis for many years. When Gerard told Rodney who he was and what he would be speaking about on FOX Business, Rodney admitted that despite his company's major success and rapid growth, they were beginning to face major headwinds from not only food inflation... but their biggest challenges were rapidly rising rent inflation and labor inflation.

In 2015, the same year NIA's President exited Elite Daily in a $50 million sale to the Daily Mail, Rodney decided that the challenges of rent, labor, and food inflation were too great... and he sold the company to an experienced private equity firm in the restaurant industry. Over the past few years this private equity firm has completely restructured the company by closing down all of the unprofitable corporate owned locations that had expensive leases with too many square feet. Although Rodney had great vision and deserves a ton of credit for building one of the strongest, most widely recognized, and extremely valuable brands in the health food restaurant industry...GRIL today is a totally different company than the one Rodney founded in 1995 and built over a period of two decades. Today, GRIL is a lean and mean company that is absolutely KILLING IT in the mobile delivery space.

Over the past year, GRIL has rapidly established itself as one of the tri-state area's leading brands for healthy food/protein shakes on delivery apps like Uber Eats. We just did a search on Uber Eats for Muscle Maker Grills in Northern NJ and the first two results located in Lodi and Clifton each have HUNDREDS of reviews averaging 4.8 and 4.7 stars, respectively. We changed our address to Midtown Manhattan and the first two results located in Midtown West and Chelsea have an average review of 4.5 and 4.7 stars, respectively.

Today, GRIL has a total of 40 restaurants comprised of six company-operated restaurants and 34 franchised restaurants located in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Kuwait.

Two weeks ago, GRIL successfully raised $7.7 million in an IPO on the NASDAQ, with GRIL's management ringing the opening bell. Already, GRIL franchises located in urban areas are receiving as much as 80% of their business from mobile apps! This caught the attention of a "major industry-leading" cloud kitchen company and today GRIL signed an agreement with this unnamed leader in the cloud kitchen space where beginning in April, GRIL will open 10 corporate owned cloud kitchensGRIL's first 5 cloud kitchens are set to open this April throughout the city of Chicago!

Travis Kalanick the founder of Uber recently cashed out all of his Uber stock to start a brand new cloud kitchen company. We are NOT saying that this is GRIL's unnamed partner because we don't know... but NIA's President has a very high level of respect for Travis Kalanick and with Travis BETTING BIG on the cloud kitchen space, we expect GRIL to become the NASDAQ's hottest stock over the next few months!

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