Huge Week Ahead

The #1 most popular type of NFT at the moment is NBATopShot, but looking at social media this weekend thousands of people are complaining that after buying for example a Lebron James TopShot NFT for $1,000 and watching its value rise to $100,000+ in recent weeks, they have sold it but now can't get their money off of the NBATopShot platform due to KYC/AML verification requirementsNBATopShot's growth has been so explosive that users who submitted their KYC/AML verification information in January still haven't been approved for withdraws.

If you search Google right now for 'NFT KYC/AML processing' the top two matches are both about CurrencyWorks (TSXV: CWRK). You see, CWRK's NFT Platform not only allows brands to design, build, launch, and manage NFT digital collectibles... but CWRK provides payment processing including transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, CWRK's NFT Platform offers a simple and robust KYC/AML infrastructure that automates the entire KYC/AML verification process so that brands aren't forced to manually verify this information by hand like NBATopShot has been doing!

CWRK is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the NFT boom in a bigger way than any other publicly traded company!

At some point CWRK's share price if it rises to extremely high levels... could get ahead of itself and become a bubble! We are no where close to that point yet, but we are warning you in advance to be careful once CWRK's market cap is in the billions!

NBATopShot is creating an entirely new class of millionaires who didn't previously have wealth before. The problem with this is, it is happening at a time when the supply of goods/services will be severely restricted following the COVID-19 scamdemic. When inflation begins to explode there will be a SCRAMBLE sometime within the next 6-12 months or so to get fake Crypto wealth into real hard assets like gold and silver.

When this scramble to protect Crypto wealth by buying real hard assets occurs... GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) will immediately become the #1 preferred way for millennials/Generation Z to invest into gold/silver in an easy and safe digital way that actually gives you title to gold and silver that you can later withdraw physically without begin forced to settle for worthless U.S. dollars! XAU has bottomed at higher lows 11 times in 12 months including 8 times since November!

XAU is a very safe and stable company that happens to be extremely undervalued with many huge catalysts ahead. XAU has a strong balance sheet, is consistently earning huge profits, and has major growth potential!

Even though we don't like him due to his practices of censorship on his platform, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned off an NFT of his first tweet the other day for $2.5 million. Some people mistakenly believe that Dorsey only likes Crypto and hates gold. This is untrue, because Dorsey loves XAU's spin-off Mene a company XAU continues to own 37% of today. Almost exactly two years ago on March 12, 2019 shortly after XAU first launched Mene, Dorsey tweeted, "This is cool. Buy 24k gold or platinum jewelry from @mene and current value versus price purchased is tracked in real-time. I bought with bitcoin via @CashApp withdrawal." Click here to see his tweet.

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