The Impossible Burger

For over 50 years beginning in 1968 all the way until March 2019, America's most popular hamburger was McDonald's Big Mac. However, in yet another HUGE loss for the U.S. mainstream business/corporate/political establishment elites who think they are better than everybody else due to their relative closeness to the Fed's primary dealer banks in comparison to the average American citizen, the Impossible Burger has accomplished the impossible by overtaking the Big Mac!

If you work at a politically connected Wall Street bank, a powerful lobbyist firm in Washington DC, or at one of Silicon Valley's elite corporations that control all of our data and happily give it to the NSA to spy on American citizens - you are rewarded with easy access to borrow unlimited funds at the Fed's artificially low interest rates. Everybody else is screwed, which is why America has an income/wealth inequality crisis, but things are changing for the good!

The primary financial backer of Impossible Foods that funded the company in its earliest rounds was Continental Grain Company, an honest all American business that has been around for 206 years with $14.1 BILLION in annual revenue making it one of the largest private U.S. companies! Read this March 8, 2019 press release to see who Continental Grain Company is now funding in the most recent months: