Merchants Abandoning Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash

Since November 1st, Bitcoin’s daily transactions have collapsed by 47.1% to only 186,000 vs. Bitcoin Cash’s daily transactions growing by 464.2% to 77,300!

The Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin daily transaction ratio has exploded from 0.04 on November 1st to a record high yesterday of 0.42!

NIA expects online merchants to continue abandoning Bitcoin and adopting Bitcoin Cash in the upcoming days/weeks. Yesterday, Bitcoin’s average transaction fee rose to a record high of $20.53, making Bitcoin too expensive for most online transactions!

Bitcoin’s average transaction fee is now 82.69X more expensive than Bitcoin Cash’s average transaction fee of only $0.248, which is a new record high for the Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash average transaction fee ratio!

Congratulations to the thousands of NIA members who got in on Bitcoin Cash after NIA’s suggestion two weeks ago at only $450! NIA was the very first organization in the world to predict that online merchants were about to abandon Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash during the month of November!

Bitcoin Cash in recent days has achieved epic gains exactly like NIA expected! At Bitcoin Cash’s new all-time high reached on Sunday of $2,779 it gained by 517.6% from NIA’s October 29th suggestion price! Even NIA’s last Cryptocurrency suggestion Ethereum only gained by 197.9% to $55.11 during the first two weeks after NIA’s March 3rd suggestion at $18.50!

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