Moovly's New AI GPT Video Generation

Today's announcement from Moovly Media (TSXV: MVY) (OTCQB: MVVYF) that they have integrated their Moovly video automation platform with OpenAI GPT-3 to bring customers next generation AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities is the first step to building an end-to-end automatic video generation solution. Prior to today's news, MVY was already using multiple AI-based tools including Text-to-Speech conversion, subtitle generation, and translation capabilities, but with today's integration of ChatGPT it will become possible for users of all skill levels to create affordable professional quality video content in a matter of minutes. Using OpenAI GPT-3, MVY's Moovly platform will now allow for the auto-selection of script-based illustrating images, keywords, and video clips from a library of over 100 million digital assets while automatically preselecting suitable background music and providing automated voice-over generation of the GPT-generated script.

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