MOX and VUI are Two Greatest Opportunities of Our Lifetime!

On Monday, Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) closed at a new 18-month high of $0.47 per share for a gain of 154% since our suggestion on May 28th at $0.185 per share. We purposely did not mention MOX on Monday because Dalian Coking Coal dipped from its record high and we felt MOX needed to dip. Today it made the dip we were looking for by closing down by 19.77% to $0.345 per share. This is its short-term bottom!

Dalian Coking Coal is resuming its uptrend this evening! Dalian Coking Coal is up this evening by 6.11% to 2,864 yuan (USD$445) per tonne! U.S. Hampton Roads Coking Coal is currently up to a new all-time high of $255 per tonne! See U.S. Hampton Roads Coking Coal Prices by clicking here! MOX will resume its uptrend and hit new 18-month highs in the days ahead!

MOX is the leading coking coal royalty play. The leading uranium royalty play is Uranium Royalty Corp (UROY), which gained by 25.35% today to $5.39 per share where its market cap is now $450 million despite having no revenue.

We considered suggesting UROY, but ultimately realized that Virginia Energy (TSXV: VUI) has far greater upside potential with much bigger short-term catalysts!

No stocks in today's market have as much upside potential as MOX and VUI! These are the two greatest opportunities of our lifetime!

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