A Name Means Everything in Today's Market

A company's name means everything in today's market! Would today's Wall Street Bets generation prefer investing into the stock of AH Belo (AHC) the slave owner or the stock of Dallas News Corporation a company with an enterprise value of only 0.10X revenue at a time when the New York Times (NYT) has an enterprise value of 4.35X revenue!? AHC's management team cut huge expenses during the scamdemic and according to SimilarWeb traffic to AHC's Dallasnews.com was up by 28.35% for the month of February 2021! Click here to see for yourself! In comparison, traffic to NYTimes.com was down by 29.67% in February 2021! Click here to see for yourself! The people of Texas are done with watching national mainstream media news outlets but are relying on AHC as their source for local news during this time of their electricity grid crisis and immigration at the border crisis!

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