NFT Craze Update

Investors on Robinhood can't trade most TSXV listed or OTC listed stocks so CurrencyWorks (TSXV: CWRK) the only legitimate NFT play in the market is trading at a lower market cap than "rumored NFT plays" on the NASDAQ.

For example, Takung Art Co., Ltd. (TKAT) has gained by 158% today to a market cap of US$170 million+ based on speculation that they may offer NFTs of art in the future. Even if this is true, companies like TKAT will need the help of CWRK's NFT platform to issue and manage NFTs on the blockchain, process payments for NFTs including Bitcoin/Ethereum transactions, and handle the KYC/AML verification requirements.

Oriental Culture Holding Ltd (OCG) is another stock that has gained by 54% today to a market cap of US$186 million+ because it has an art/collectible trading platform, but OCG's platform is non-blockchain based and has NOTHING todo with NFTs! Companies like OCG that want to convert their existing platforms to NFT blockchain platforms will need the help of CWRK!

CWRK's market cap deserves to be many times higher than these "rumored" NFT plays because CWRK actually has a fully developed NFT platform today that will allow many different companies to enter the NFT space! CWRK has already done work with Topps the #1 largest trading card company and CWRK's Chairman said on Friday that the company looks forward to announcing new NFT partnerships!

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