NIA’s Bitcoin Cash Prediction Comes True!

On October 29th, NIA announced that it covered its Bitcoin short position for a small profit and would instead be betting against Bitcoin by buying Bitcoin Cash. NIA determined that the Cryptocurrency ecosystem was being flooded by counterfeit Crypto U.S. Dollars called Tether (USDT), which was making it too risky to short Bitcoin, but NIA predicted that the Cryptocurrency community was preparing to turn against Bitcoin and adopt Bitcoin Cash as its new #1 favorite Cryptocurrency. NIA purchased a major long position in Bitcoin Cash at $450 and suggested for all NIA members to do the same!

When NIA suggested Bitcoin Cash at $450, the Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin price ratio was 0.075 and NIA predicted that it was getting ready to explode north of 0.10 in the following weeks, leading up to the November 16th Bitcoin hard fork of B2X. NIA explained that Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) wrote in his 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper, “We define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures.” Bitcoin Cash is the only version of Bitcoin that meets this definition today!

Bitcoin Cash today is up 31% to $821 vs. Bitcoin today down 5.2% to $6,813. The Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin price ratio today is up 38.2% to 0.12! NIA’s October 29th prediction has already come true!

Bitcoin Cash at its current price of $821 has now gained 82.4% since NIA’s October 29th suggestion at $450! Since October 29th, Bitcoin Cash has gained 6X more than Bitcoin, causing the Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin price ratio to rise by 60%!

Bitcoin in August implemented a destructive system called Segwit that segregates its digital signatures from the transaction data for the purpose of increasing Bitcoin’s transaction capacity. With Segwit, after a transaction gets verified, Bitcoin nodes are no longer required to store the full signature data. This makes the legal proof and authentication of electronic contracts and transactions significantly more difficult.

Bitcoin Cash solved Bitcoin’s transaction capacity problems by increasing the block size limit from 1MB up to 8MB. Bitcoin Cash nodes are required to store full signature data – providing an immutable and auditable ledger. The biggest advantage of Bitcoin Cash is its significantly lower transaction fees. Bitcoin Cash has an average transaction fee today of $0.114 vs. Bitcoin’s average transaction fee of $7.683. Bitcoin’s average transaction fee is currently 67.39X higher than Bitcoin Cash, making Bitcoin Cash much more suitable for electronic transactions!

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