NIA's AHC will Explode due to Cancel Culture

Apparently cancel culture has hit NIA's #1 favorite NYSE stock suggestion A.H. Belo Corp (AHC) with AH Belo the person being exposed as having been a slave owner and the company is now being forced to change its name! Don't worry, we believe this is a VERY GOOD thing... when AHC changes its name in the very near-future to Dallas News Corporation we believe it will quickly go to $5-$10 per share! The only reason AHC is trading for only $2.66 per share is the fact that nobody knows they own the Dallas Morning News located at

On the afternoon of January 27th, NIA announced AHC as its latest #1 favorite NYSE stock suggestion at a price of $1.88 per share. In the hours following NIA's suggestion, AHC exploded by 38.3% from NIA's suggestion price to close at $2.60 per share on massive volume of 1.339 million shares its highest volume day of the previous 67 months!

Over the following week, AHC made a brief healthy shakeout to a bottom of $1.91 per share before rocketing back up to close on February 3rd at $2.60 per share. AHC had resistance at $2.60 per share, which made $2.60 per share AHC's key breakout point! Yesterday, AHC gained by 5.98% to close at $2.66 per share, which is AHC's highest closing price since NIA's suggestion! By AHC successfully closing above its key breakout point of $2.60 per share on its strongest volume of the last six weeks... AHC appears poised for a major move higher!

AHC's web traffic to has been exploding in recent weeks due to the Texas electricity grid crisis from the winter storm and also the Texas immigration crisis at the border! AHC is likely having its strongest quarter in years! Look for AHC to become profitable and cash flow positive for 1Q 2021!

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