NIA's Coronavirus Play Breaking Out Big!

On January 28th, NIA announced Kane Biotech (TSXV: KNE) as its #1 favorite Coronavirus stock suggestion at $0.165 per share. NIA explained why Antimicrobial Resistance has become the #1 global health threat... and how biofilms are the leading cause of today's Antimicrobial Resistance crisis. Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are now the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. and hospital-acquired pneumonia is the most deadly type of HAI. The Coronavirus is a type of pneumonia and its original superspreaders were healthcare workers who became infected in the hospital as a result of biofilms!

KNE is engaged in the development and commercialization of products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms - the leading cause of the rapidly emerging global Antimicrobial Resistance crisis! KNE is beginning to breakout big and just hit a new high of $0.205 per share for a gain of 24.24% from NIA's initial suggestion on January 28th at $0.165 per share - but you have seen nothing yet!

KNE only has 101.53 million shares outstanding for a market cap at $0.205 per share of only CAD$20.81 million or USD$15.76 million. KNE's main competitor in the anti-biofilm biotech space is the Australian company Next Science Limited (ASX: NXS). Currently, KNE has 41 issued patents or more than double NXS's 19 issued patents. KNE is also growing at a faster rate than NXS!

NXS generated revenue in the first half of 2019 of USD$2.345 million for year-over-year growth of 222.11% vs. KNE generating revenue in the first half of 2019 of CAD$842,547 for year-over-year growth of 279.11%!

NXS went public in a very hot IPO on April 18, 2019 at $1 per share and immediately gained by 35% to $1.35 per share on its very first day of trading. Currently, NXS is trading for $2 per share up 100% from its IPO price with a market cap of AUD$357 million or USD$236.26 million! NXS is currently trading at a market cap that is 15X higher than KNE! The truth is, KNE is a much more advanced anti-biofilm company, but nobody knows KNE is even public!

NIA has just discovered that KNE's Vetradent Water Additive for Dogs and Cats is currently the #3 best selling Dog Medication on Amazon! Click here to see for yourself! It is also the #3 best selling Cat Medication on Amazon! Click here to see for yourself! Although it says on Amazon that Vetradent is being sold by Dechra (DPH.L)£3 billion market cap company that's part of the FTSE 250 Index, Dechra has licensed the right to sell the Vetradent line of products from KNE! Dechra is paying huge royalties to KNE that have been rapidly growing in recent quarters!

In the fourth quarter of 2019, KNE and Dechra announced a deal to expand their license and distribution agreement to include all of South America! KNE's agreement with Dechra now covers both North and South America, and KNE anticipates further expansion to new territories in the coming quarters!

Although KNE's license and royalty revenue is growing very rapidly, KNE's product and service revenue is growing even faster! February is National Pet Dental Health Month and KNE's bluestem is the most comprehensive lineup of pet oral care products in the market!

Right now, if you visit the homepage of North America's third largest pet retailer Pet Valu by going to, the very first thing you see covering the entire homepage is a HUGE promotion for KNE's bluestem oral care products! Pet Valu's homepage reads: "bluestem oral care: because the best oral care product is the one you'll actually use" and it offers a special 30% discount on KNE's bluestem products in celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month!

In fact, if you visit the homepage of North America's fifth largest pet retailer Pet Supermarket by going to, you will see that they too are featuring KNE's bluestem oral care products as the very first thing you see front and center on their homepage with a similar 30% off promotion in celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month!

In June 2019, KNE won a huge CAD$2,668,600 settlement from Nestlé Purina - the #1 largest U.S. petcare company - who tried to steal KNE's anti-biofilm technologies for use in their own petcare productsNestlé Purina is well aware that KNE is rapidly gaining market share in the petcare industry, with KNE's bluestem products now being sold in 1,600 pet specialty retail stores across both the U.S. and Canada!

Next month, KNE will report its 4Q and full-year 2019 results, and we are nearly 100% certain that KNE will report enormous revenue growth. After generating total revenue during the first three quarters of 2019 of $1,129,385 for year-over-year growth of 240%, an article published on December 10, 2019 by BioTuesdays, which interviewed KNE's CEO Marc Edwards... indicated that KNE is, "forecasting revenue of some $2-million in its animal health operations for all of 2019, growing to about $5-million for 2020."

This would indicate that KNE's 4Q 2019 revenue could reach approximately $870,615, which would be a new record revenue quarter and equal year-over-year growth of 453.97%! We already know for sure that on December 17, 2019, KNE fulfilled its first major order for its bluestem products to its Chinese distribution partner, which will distribute KNE's bluestem products to more than 2,000 retailers across major markets in China.

Any day now, KNE will announce details about a multi-million dollar government grant it is receiving to develop its first product for humans... an anti-biofilm gel for non-healing wounds! KNE has ten-bagger potential!

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